The alternative is to settle here and rent a scooter to reach the vital points. Nevertheless this place is the best memory of India, but this time I don’t think I can be super partes.

A whirlwind epidemic of emotions, as I write, is clearly rampant. I don’t have much advice, but mostly memories, vivid and melancholy.

These are the moments spent with the most beautiful Indian family I have ever met, the truest and treasurer of pure principles.


We slept in their homestay, not far from Marari beach. It is called Jes Dazzling Villa ( If you have any occasion you have to go, if only to live everyday life with this family and return with a fuller heart.

If I close my eyes I see Arcenia – a gorgeous twelve-year-old girl with long braids and sparkling energy – shaking her head left and right to say yes, with her fifty-toothed smile that stands out on her dark, skinny face.


I see Samuel, ten years old, with his eyes intimidated, transparent of dreams, lost in the lands of his rosy imagination to design his world made of unconditional goodness, candor and football matches.

Then there is Arpitha in my thoughts. I think about the fact that I could never get her name right. I think of the beauty of her out of the ordinary, but beauty in the most intrinsic sense of her. I see her with her long yellow dress and her slightly embarrassed smile, embroidering hopes on the sky of her future. She proudly follows the path taken by her mother, Lissi. She wants to be a nurse and she is studying for it.


And finally I see a family, which every day wakes up early in the morning to work, to transmit and give the best it can and collaborate with each other, something that perhaps well-being has caused to capitulate into oblivion.

Finally, I can not help but think that I would not want to leave, I would like to stay here a little longer, to be imbued with that spirit of theirs so rare, so degenerative in extinction.

… And that painting is the example of the future that I would like to build, of everything that I would like to preserve and defend, almost maternally.

I carry this thought with me, as we go, tearfully, towards our final destination.