Hell’s Gate: admission 2400 shillings each.

It is possible to rent bikes at the park entrance or at the campsite (in our campsite, Fisherman’s camp: 800 shillings all day).

A very long avenue flanked by a thick latent fauna among the tall grass accompanies our panting and trotting pedaling on the dirt road.

If you decide to venture to Hell’s Gate by bike, I don’t recommend planning anything else during the same day. The experience will make you tired and gratified at the same time.

The two extreme sides of the avenue are crossed by two high rocky ridges that seem to have little of the earth.

Majestic and sovereign in their overall infernal beauty, they rise in the shape of tall caves; they seem big, inanimate jaws intent on swallowing you, which give you the right answer to the name of the place itself.
All along the rocky ridge there are sedimented flows, dominated by peaks of green beards.

If you get too distracted, a clumsy warthog family crosses the road a few meters from you as you pedal at full speed.

At the end of the race, when the dirt road turns into a driveway, a detour to the left leads you to the famous Hell’s Gate gorge, closed to tourism in 2019-2020 due to an unfortunate accident that occurred to six tourists with the guide, swallowed by the hellish gorge following a sudden flood.

Everything is silent now here, in the silent enchantment of a scenario that seems to have inspired famous films such as the Lion King and Tomb Raider.

An offer at will (around 500 shillings will be fine) will allow you, however, to be led by a boy who declares himself to be a guide of the place along the uphill road and then left along a path that leads you to a view that watches on the magnificent gorge and from which you can at least partially enjoy it.

Do not forget to bring something to eat with you, also considering the return you will arrive home not before late afternoon.