Cochi is a colorful and dynamic town, and at the same time genuinely fishing, located in the port area.

It is easy to reach it even if you are staying near Alleppey, renting a scooter easily and at a modest price for the day.

Il viaggio in scooter (considerate che in un giorno abbiamo percorso più di 100 km) è proprio quello che ti inietta dentro lo spirito delThe scooter trip (consider that in one day we covered more than 100 km) is exactly what injects you into the spirit of the explorer.


IThe warm wind in the hair imprisoned by an improvised pseudo turban (theoretically it is necessary that only the driver wear a helmet) and the heat of the sun that becomes tangible only when you stop.

Green, blue, then green and blue together, coexist in a perfect painting.

Make an obligatory stop along a bridge where at both ends, fishing nets, supported by wooden palisades and suspended, open up at the two ends as wide as the wings of a bird, as graceful and inconsistent as unfinished dreams on that strip of sea.


Apparently they are Chinese of origin, called “Cheena Vala” and can be said to be a symbol of Cochin for how much they are tourist attraction, for their innate, inexplicable elegance.


They are said to have been brought here by the Portuguese from Macao (once a Portuguese colony).

Continue along the road not without throwing an eye around, stop to sympathize with some fishermen who are sewing up their red fishing nets, to laugh with a truck of Indian schoolgirls with blue braids, who crouch shyly to escape a photo . Finally, squeeze your eyes at sunset, when the last rays of the sun filter through the palm trees and point straight at you like a thin laser.


Between one lagoon of water and another, surrounded by palm plantations, strips of land allow you to get closer to the silence of nature, so much so that you get the idea of ​​staying there, in a moment without end.

And when you think the day has come to an end, a group of very young handsome kung fu fighters are training with their teacher in a barely sketched room on the way back to Marari. They are delighted to see us and to spread their smiles of very rare enthusiasm, in their black onesie, while they replicate the technique of wild animals in the course of their performance that smells of tender and rosy.