First stop: Mombasa – Liconi

The pilgrimage from Mombasa to Tiwi is worth trying, if only for pure exploratory hedonism. But if you do it you have to do it in the manner of the locals, or you risk missing the most beautiful side of mixing with them.

So, take one of the matatu that with their sovereign honks make the streets vibrate, jump on fling (in the true sense of the word) and squeeze inside. In such a small space it takes very little to make friends. Joyful Caribbean music will make the journey a smooth read.

Second stop: Liconi – Tiwi

Once in Liconi a large platform that floats on a short strip of water that connects to the other shore, seems to be the beginning of a bridge that does not exist. The context is chaotically fun. Unarmed ranks of ordinary people, who look like enlisting troops, move synchronously towards the access barriers to the raft.

Here souls, means of transport, food, and all the unthinkable are ferried.

If the departure is imminent, you start to run, even if the prohibitions imposed say not to do it, and everything takes on the face of a great general upheaval. In a few minutes you will be on the other side and a Kenyan wagon with matatu or motorcycles are stationed there waiting for you.

Sneak onto another matatu up to Tiwi, this time get warned by the Charon on duty, essentially the one who catches the souls waiting on the street and who calls the stops. When you already know the destination you will have fun calling the stop yourself, knocking on the roof of the matatu with your knuckles.

Tiwi – Tiwi beach:

From Tiwi “town” to Tiwi beach the only way, if not on foot, is to take a Boda Boda to the golden and quiescent Tiwi moor. In one of the shores of this stretch of coast, muffled by artificial noises, there is only a small bar and a row of laughing palm umbrellas that dance with the sea breeze. A more than perfect place as an inspirational muse, where tourists camp, meditate in mid-water in the crystalline ocean from the shores that chase the bottom, and engage in any kind of creative and idle flash.