Varkala is a seaside place in Kerala, which represents, in my opinion, the sweet life of tourists.

It is the perfect culmination of an adventurous journey that has come to an end.

Seal the sound of thoughts in a bubble and make it burst in a wave edge that sucks up the seashore.


Enjoy the warmth of the burning sand muffled by an umbrella placed for a fee by an Indian more colorful than usual.

Stretch out under a blue lawn, anywhere on a boundless beach, where you can feel like a cardinal point on a geographic map.

This is Varkala, nothing more, nothing less. The homeland of meditative yoga, at any time of day, whose advertising flyers invade every comma of the area.

But above all, in Varkala, enjoy the good food tasted on the kilometric pedestrian street that overlooks the beach dotted with colorful bikinis and slaps of green that bite the coast.

Most important of all, in a very special little venue in Varkala(unfortunately we have lost the name, provided) let yourself be led by the scented trail of what you would never expect: the mocha that mumbles over the fire, like the mirage of a nostalgic withdrawal from our local coffee.

And after an entire mocha for at least six people consumed in two, you are ready to start a new day towards the horizons of a neurotic meditation on the dawn of the return to life as always.


Darjeeling Café:

There are plenty of restaurants in Varkala and most of them eat quite well. Yet we fell in love with this place, both for the setting, for the good food, and for the hilarity of the sign that reads “Keep calm and curry on”, but above all for our friend Maan, the Nepali waiter. who served and looked after us the repeated times we have been there.

The proposals for breakfast are really varied and intriguing, and if you are nostalgic for a nice plate of pasta, here you need generous portions worthy of the name.


Juice Shack:

In Varkala fish is very much in vogue, especially grilled, which is the protagonist spasmodically sponsored by restaurant employees who take on the role of magnets for hungry tourists at the entrance of each restaurant.

This restaurant is one of many that cook fish. And while presenting itself as an apparently inviting and joyful place in its context, with its Bob Marley-like colors, with
regret we didn’t get to try the food, but it’s our wildcard suggestion to have a really decent espresso there at the bar.