Agency: Natural World Safari

With accommodation in a tent (does not mean the camping tent): Price: 620 euros per person (group tour) 670 euros per person (private tour)

Enkorok Camp: highly recommended accommodation, even for the most organized and experienced who will do the safari alone. To try the experience of safari in Kenya which, although touristy, is an essential piece of the puzzle, you cannot fail to contact one of the numerous agencies that organize an all-inclusive package of safaris in the natural park (2-3 or 4 days if not more) lodge accommodation and meals. Basically, the offer is almost identical, with a choice between simpler or more luxurious solutions. Natural world safari is a serious and consolidated agency, which organizes private or group tours, outlining the itinerary to perfection.

The period of January, although not that of the great migrations of wildebeest (which are already on the other side of the border, in the Serengeti park, and with them also the predators among the big five), is more than suitable for those who want enjoy the fauna and the silence of nature without thousands of Jeeps racing to position themselves in the visibly most strategic point. Our luck was to have been driven by Moses, one of the oldest drivers working with the agency, clearly forged by experience and knowledge of the area. The staff of the Enkorok camp was really hospitable and caring, the food was the best eaten during our trip and the icing was the evening company to entertain themselves with magic games and unsuccessful attempts at hula hop.

Safari in Masai Mara:

For those who have never lived the safari experience, they will probably live it as a child watching the lion king for the first time.

In the manner of Leopardi, pretend your gaze into the endless red-hot expanses of the savannah, without putting too much resistance to the shaky euphoria of chance, along the dirt roads sprinkled with bumps. Bring binoculars, it’s really important. But to challenge yourself a bit, try, as Moses does, to frame a lion with the naked eye from afar, against the ocher background, in mimesis with the tall grass.

A lioness uses the shadow of a Jeep to shield itself from the sun and two pairs of lions allow us to have lunch in their company, while blissfully rolling around, belly in the air, under the tender coolness of an acacia tree.

Elephant families move phlegmatically uprooting the grass with their muscular trunks.

Clumsy warthogs scampering in the fields seem to dance to the rhythm of hakuna matata and the giraffes with long eyelashes and tapered snouts, as in the grimace of a kiss, seem to be in a kind of state of blissful indifference.

Tossed here and there, among the greenish tongues inhabited by predators and prey, by wildebeest pastures with furrowed angry faces and hair with a row in the center, by the countless species of antelopes with enviable elegance, you cannot fail to capture a new particular, a singularity that will be more than enough to inject into you that serotonin typical of the scientist who learns something sensational.